Friday 14th April

8pm – 10pm THE TRIGGER HOUNDS – The Trigger Hounds are a rock ‘n roll infused four-piece cover band with a love of loud amps and crunching riffs! They play classic and contemporary rock music, blended in their own diabolic mixer of distortion, drum rolls and deviancy. Based in the East Cheshire town of Congleton (it was sleepy till they dropped the rock), they have been known to crank it up to 11.

Saturday 15th April

5pm – 7pm SARAH MILLER & DAN MACHIN Sarah Miller started her career at seventeen, recording her first studio session with the Climax Blues Band. Having caught the bug, she joined her first band (signed to Chrysalis) a few months later, widely touring the UK. Her versatile voice and extensive range has secured her place on many popular recordings, including sessions for Candy Flip, Altern8, the Lotus Eaters, Pete Wylie & the Mighty Wah, and members of Simply Red. She appeared on Oceanic’s number two hit ‘Insanity’ and the Christian’s latest album, ‘Prodigal Sons’. Dan Machin of Funkbreakers fame is a local guitar virtuoso who can regularly be seen on the circuit.

 8pm – 10pm BEAM – are a 4 piece pop rock covers band with 20 years gigging under their belts. Expect songs covered from U2 ,Bowie, Numan, Floyd, Radiohead, Nirvana,through to well known punk and rock and pop classics. Be sure to catch a Beam gig. Its electric.

Sunday 16th April

2pm – 4pm BAXTER – Peters & Lee, Nina & Fredrick, Gerald & Maureen (they weren’t so well known) and now – Baxter. Hayley is something of a local legend, with direct, powerhouse vocals, evenly matched with a dry wit and infectious guitar style. Paul looks a bit like Dave Grohl (no really) and brings strong vocal styles from soul, blues and jazz through to big rock anthems. Together, with a set of almost disturbingly quirky covers they entertain fantastically !!!!

6pm – 8pm AFTERGLOW – a rock & pop covers band comprising Hannah – Lead vocals, Martin – Lead guitar & backing vocals, Kostas – Bass & Neil – Drums & backing vocals. The band came about because they knew they all got along well and wanted to create a band that was a little bit different. A band where the song is king and no song is out of the running! We are pleased to welcome them to the festival.

Please note lineup and timings may be subject to change.