Walklate & Fuschi

Walklate & Fuschi

Triple Bill – Nantwich Civic Hall – Saturday 31st March.  Dr Feelgood + The Climax Blues Band + Walklate & Fuschi – Tickets £20 no bkg fee.

Mat Walklate-Harmonica & Vocals – Paolo Fuschi-Guitar & Vocals

Mat and Paolo play a diverse, dynamic live set illustrating all shades of Blues and allowing each other’s instrumental, vocal and improvisational qualities to shine. Each performance is rock-solid, yet full of inspiration and spontaneity.

Mat and Paolo are an “Electric Blues Duo” from Manchester. They use old tube amplifiers creating a rich tone that roots their sound in the very early days of amplified Blues. The result is a magical performance that stands out for its intensity and energy. Although there are two people on stage, they sound like a 10 piece Blues band.  Living in Manchester and strongly influenced by its Afro-Caribbean community, Mat and Paolo also pay homage to Ska, blending its uplifting rhythms with the spirit and sentiment of the Blues.


The Blues reaches everybody, everywhere, every time. Walklate and Fuschi incarnate the spirit of the Blues and its universality. The two bluesmen have different cultural backgrounds but when it comes to play the Blues, they speak the same language. They let the music do the talking.
For Mat and Paolo it is crucial to connect with their listeners whether emotionally or with simple “sing-along” moments, creating a warm atmosphere that makes everybody feel welcome.
They both bring a wealth of influences and musical experience to the table; Paolo is an expert funk and jazz guitarist, but was also brought up on the music of his native Sicily. Mat has a deep and abiding love of pre-war Blues, and he has also been playing Irish traditional music as long as he’s played Blues.

They released their first album, Kicking Up The Dust, in 2016. It was recorded live, with no overdubs, in just 4 ½ hours and captured the power and drive of their live performances. Nine of the ten tracks on the album were covers, but these were not limp carbon-copies of old recordings. Instead, they used these classic songs as templates to explore and express their own, 21st century blues identity.
Walklate & Fuschi recently signed to new UK record label, Roulette Media Music, and they will release an entirely original album in 2017.

Paolo is not your stereotypical Sicilian, being 6 feet 4 , with a ginger beard, and Walklate & Fuschi are not a typical blues duo. They push at the boundaries and they never ‘dial it in’ or take the easy route. Every performance has an element of danger, and complete integrity.

Walklate and Fuschi have an extensive repertoire that covers over two hours of music. The act is also available as a quartet featuring Adam Dawson-Drums and Bo “The BassMan” Lee-Bass.

“..breathtaking duo..” “..exciting..” “..absolutely brilliant Ska arrangements..” “..heavenly interpretations..” “Clever!”
Keys And Chords, Belgium.

“…excellent album..” “.. essential tracks..” “..moments of great intensity..”

“Here is an awesome duo.” “.. the perfect cohesion of the duo captures the listener’s attention from the very first number.”

“..and if they play covers they have the intelligence and the talent to be printing their personal touch, they do not approach these compositions as museum pieces but they give them a new life.”
“Carrying a real talent and owners of a serious technique, the duo displays a great energy, with deep voices and a good rhythmic; it’s efficient, full of strength and good vibrations.”

Gilles Blampain

“..this is a CD of covers however, how this talented duo interpret and refresh them is a musical delight.”
“This is one of the best blues albums that I have heard in a long time. The musicianship is first class and Walklate is one of the U.K.’s hidden talents as his harp playing is excellent.”
“Fuschi cuts the frills and plays well either when backing his partner or in delivering short but impressive solos.”

“.. do yourself a favour and get a hold of this impressive debut CD and listen to some great music.”
Blues & Rhythm

“..delicious grooves..” “..stunningly beautiful guitar..” “ A CD with lots of variety played by two very experienced musicians.” “..a very authentic feel.”

“ ..incredibly versatile guitar playing..” “..virtuoso harmonica..” “..intense vocals..” “Good song selection, excellent and varied interpretation, respect for the old masters, audible enthusiasm and a great sense of the blues.”

“..Walklate is a real expert on amplified harp..” “..Paolo Fuschi convinces both rhythmically, and with his solos..” “..very good..”
BluesNews Germany

“..raw, uncompromising blues performed with a welcome freedom of expression and real passion.” “..gutsy vocals and earthy harp..”
R2 ( Rock ‘n’ Reel)

“..blues heaven..” “..excellent harmonica..” “..great vocals..” “..agile and stylish guitarist..” “..dazzling intensity..” “..heartbreakingly beautiful..” “..this album is the 2016 blues harvest.”
Mikke Nojd
Blues News Finland

“..Its a simple duo, with magnificent talent..”
“These two compliment each other like peanut butter and jelly, with Walklate making use of diatonic and chromatic harps. Fuschi keeps a steady, solid rhythm on the guitar, and when he breaks into short lead riffs, they’re crisp and authentic. Both artists provide excellent vocals as well. “
“All in all, this is an impressive collection. “

“..daring and brave..” “.. inspired shining harmonica lines together with a sharp solid guitar work, that will certainly stretch with an irresistible attraction the soul of everyone who listens to this interesting duo. VERY GOOD. “
Vicente Zumel
La Hora Del Blues, Barcelona.

“..dynamic blues..” “We must recognize that our two lads have real talent and have a serious technical. The duo displays great energy, with serious voice and good rhythm, it is effective and brings good vibrations.”
BCR La Revue, France.

“..virtuoso instrumentation..” “..impeccable..” “..masterful..”
Blues News Norway

“Walklate is a top drawer harp player and Fuschi is a rock solid rhythm guitarist with a choppy style that suggests hints of Wilko Johnson, but with a wonderfully old-fashioned overdriven tone à la Willie Johnson. His lead playing is inventive while never letting the rhythm drop. But it is their interactive chemistry that makes the duo so appealing. There is an apparent inevitability to everything they play, whilst still retaining the essential spark of spontaneity…..tremendous solo from Fuschi with subtle yet articulate backing from Walklate in the duo’s original, “Don’t You Know Me”.

“ Kicking Up The Dust is a really impressive release and highly recommended. Joyous stuff. “
Blues Blast Magazine, USA.

“ Walklate’s harmonica style has got class and finesse written through and through..” “Paolo Fuschi is a highly skilled guitarist and his eclectic style allows himself to shine numerous times in the album. “ “Walklate and Fuschi’s interplay is pitch perfect and awe inspiring and runs deep through the whole album. “ “This record is a beautiful, full immersion in the purity of the blues, performed by two artists with a great level of knowledge, understanding, appreciation and great respect for an ageless genre like this. A truly inspired album and, without a doubt, a career defining moment for these two talented musicians. “
Gio Pilato