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We normally write something about the festival and put it on the website but we received a link to this excellent video put together by Phil Brightman.  This says it all :-)  A big thank you to Phil for an excellent job and to Lee Grady of Goodfellas Blues Band for sending the link.

“Nantwich Jazz Blues and Music Festival 2016 – In 10 mins! We really enjoyed the festival this year. Great quality and variety of music. Here is a short video of most of the gigs we went to. Thanks to Swingology, Jake Leg Jug Band, Goodfellas Blues Band, Sarah Miller and Dan Machin, Pete Latham and Jen Ogle, The Gelatos, Gillie Nichols and Neil Simpson, Blue Cartel, BobCat Billy’s Moonshine Mission, the queue for Flameproof and everyone who smiled, waved and danced for the camera.”