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A big thank you to everyone that made 2018 a success. To the bands who all played magnificently, the Festival Team and venue staff who all worked themselves to a frazzle and most of all to all the people who turned out to enjoy live music. We salute you.

2018 was always going to be difficult with the untimely passing of Phillip Martin, the festival founder and principal organiser but thanks to the tireless work of the organising team led magnificently by Abbigail his daughter the event will be noted as perhaps the best ever and certainly as a very special for everyone that knew Phillip.  Many people have said that 2018 did him proud and the ever growing positive feedback from the thousands of visitors certainly confirms that.

Nantwich Jazz Blues & Music Festival has been held over Easter every year since 1997, will be from 18th to 22nd April 2019  and looks forwards to welcoming music fans old and new.